For any golfer owning the best golf clubs and balls are essential. However, what happens if you need to retrieve your expensive golf balls when it lands up into a bush, hazards or difficult to reach places on the golf course. You need the best golf ball retriever to help you with recovering the ball.

Here we have reviews available on several types of golf ball retrievers to choose depending on your needs and budget. You can buy retrievers with different shaped heads from ring, rake, extendable, cupped, teardrop, hide away to spring heads. The uniqueness of this tool is to help grip the ball in place and locking it to remove it from a hazard found on the course.

Reviews of the Best Golf Ball Retrievers

If you want to avoid hassles while playing golf you need the best golf ball retriever. Buying a cheap one may give you a poor grip making the ball drop multiple times. To help you buy a fine tool today view our reviews of the top golf retrievers here.

1. IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever

The IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever has a display length of 410cm with a telescoping shaft for an 18-foot reach. This is the ultimate tool to have when playing golf and the balls land up in hazardous places without reach.

Fit the retriever in the side pocket of your golf bag as the design makes it portable to take anywhere. Further, it will help you speed up your play with the durable construction as it easily traps the ball. This structure prevents the ball from falling out and has a simple release system.

The recovery tools made with an aluminum shaft and work anywhere from water, mud, rocks, and bushes.


  • Gives a decent reach
  • Fits in your golf bag
  • Long reach
  • The retrieve mechanism works well
  • Pays for itself when retrieving all the golf balls you mislay


  • On the heavy side
  • When fully extended it loses stability

2.The Search and Rescue Retriever

You can buy the Search and Rescue Retriever in two different sizes 6.5 feet and 15-feet in the color Royal Blue. To retrieve a ball you place the head over the ball and lift it up with the stainless steel ring.

The ring locks in place with a bar and holds the ball securely in place. Further, the gadget is powder coated with an aluminum assembly making it weather resistant. Included with your purchase you receive a dual zip headcover.


  • Has a solid ring head
  • Captures the ball easily when pressing down on top of it
  • Great reach
  • Easy to use


  • Does sag a bit when fully extended

3. SIGNSTEK Retractable Retriever

Another amazing golf ball retriever is the SIGNSTEK Retractable model measuring 79-inches. With the telescopic design, you can easily retrieve misplaced balls.

The ball retrievers made with a stainless steel shaft as it has an automatic locking device found on the scoop preventing the ball from dropping out. The handle has a comfortable grip design and is easy to hold and use. The diameter of the scoop is 1.8-inches and has a depth of 1.7-inches.

Once the golf ball retrievers retracted, it measures 42cm and extends to 2m.  The handle and scoop are black and the shafts silver.


  • Very long
  • Durable made
  • Affordable


  • The head swivels around

4. PrideSports Universal Ball Retriever

Stop throwing away your expensive golf balls with shots landing up in bushes and more. Prevent this with the PrideSports Universal Ball Retriever.

The ball retriever has a universal design with a sure-grip handle extending up to 12-feet. The structure of the ball recovery tool is made of aluminum alloy. The color is orange and visible to see. With this unique ball retriever, it will pay for itself with all the balls you rescue from bushes, water and more.


  • Works well
  • Affordable
  • The head and twist-locks made from durable plastic


  • Slightly weaker once it is fully extended

5. The IGOTCHA 21-Foot Reach Retriever

For a big golf ball retriever, you need the 21-foot IGOTCHA Reach ball rescuer. The device has a telescopic shaft and the biggest one available compared to other brands. 

Further, the locking systems superb as once you lock onto the ball you can get the ball out of any type of hazard. Using the ball retriever is straightforward with the capture mechanism. The tools constructed with durable aluminum.


  • Has a positive locking system
  • Great price
  • Very long
  • Easy to control


  • Can become a bit flimsy when fully extended

6. HAIYASI Golf Ball Retriever

With the HAIYASI golf ball retriever there is no need of bending down to pick up golf balls from boundary fences and ponds.

The tool has a stainless steel shaft with a comfortable easy to hold grip handle. Further, the telescopic design can reach up to 79-inches and has an automatic locking device found on the scoop.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Made with durable material
  • Easy to use


  • No complaints

7. A Two Pack FEENM Golf Ball Retriever

For an amazing price, you can get a two pack FEENM Golf Ball Retriever. This is a great package deal as the retriever can reach up to 80-inches.

The device is small, lightweight, and folds up to save space with the telescopic design. You can pick up balls easily with the scoop and automatic locking system to retrieve golf balls. The shafts made with stainless steel and have a comfortable handle grip.


  • Easy to use
  • Works well
  • Saves you loads of money with lost balls when retrieved


  • When fully extended it can become on the flimsy side

Final Thoughts

Stop losing money on lost golf balls and use one of our best golf ball retrievers reviewed here. Each of these models available here you can buy at affordable prices. The best of all is that these golf ball retrievers pay for themselves. WHY??? Imagine all the balls you are losing when they fall into hazardous spots around the golf course without you ever finding them again. That is a lot of money wasted!


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